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Edelweiss Okinawa Co., Ltd./nChairman Tsuyoshi Hiyane

Edelweiss Okinawa Co., Ltd.

Chairman Tsuyoshi Hiyane

Edelweiss will contribute to your good life with a dream through genuine continue to be loved beyond generations.



As Okinawa is blessed with great natural and material, it has potential to be able to create a new world of taste. While incorporating with Okinawa traditional food culture by taking advantage of these materials, I want to work on development of cakes.
And then, I have a dream to export those case from Okinawa to Asia and he world.



Company name

Edelweiss Okinawa Co., Ltd.


Zip 903-0105, 4-12, Higashizaki, Nishihara-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa Phone · FAX 098-944-2561


代表取締役会長 比屋根 毅

代表取締役社長 山本 憲司

Director Toshiaki Mekaru

取締役 山下 裕士

Auditors Akira Shinke

Auditors kaoru Oshiro

Company founded on

September 1, 2014

Opened Edelweiss Okinawa main shop on

February 25, 2015

Opened Antenor Okinawa Riubou shop on

March 10, 2015

エーデルワイス沖縄 デパートリウボウ那覇空港店


エーデルワイス沖縄 デパートリウボウ店


Number of employees

100名 (パート含む)

Correspondent bank

Bank of Ryukyu, Sakata Branch

Main trading partners

Edelweiss Co., Ltd.

Okikostore Co., Ltd.

Technical cooperation

Edelweiss Co., Ltd.